Creating a database

The core concept of CookieDB is a "database". In alternatives, this is often called a "instance" or an "database instance".

Cloud hosting

If you are using the cloud managed hosting website, this is quite simple.

First, you must create an account. Currently, you are able to create an account using a github, a gitlab, or a bitbucket account.

After this, we can simply click the "New Database" button which will take you to this page. You're done!

Self hosting

Alternatively, you can host the database yourself. This is a little more complicated, but the steps are still quite simple.

At the moment, CookieDB is not stable so there is no independant executable that is provided. The first step is to install Deno, a new open-source javascript runtime. CookieDB is currently built on it.

Next, you should just be able to run the following command. This will install the executable and add it to your path.

deno install -Af -n cookie

Now, navigate to the directory you want and type:

cookie init ./my_first_cookie

The next step is to create a user. In this example, the user is an adminstrator, but unless you have a niche usecase, this is not needed.

cookie create_user ./my_first_cookie --admin

Lastly, to start your server, run:

cookie start ./my_first_cookie

Please view the CLI documentation for more details.